Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, Rev. 1.1 (2002)

Code:  L
Description:  Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
Definition:  Activities classified elsewhere in NACE do not fall under division 75 even if carried out by public administrations. E.g. administration of the school system (i.e. regulations, checks, curricula) falls under division 75, but teaching itself does not (80: Education), a prison or military hospital is classified to health (85: Health and social work) and sewage and refuse disposal is classified to division 90 (Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar activities).

This section includes activities normally carried out by the public administration. The legal or institutional status is not, in itself, the determining factor. This division includes units which are part of local or central public bodies which enable the administration of the community to function properly.

Thus, this division includes:
– firstly, defence, justice, police, foreign affairs, etc.
– secondly, general administration (e.g. executive, legislative, financial administration, ... at all levels of government) and supervision in the field of social and economic life,
– and finally, management of compulsory social security schemes.