Nomenclature for the analysis and comparison of scientific programmes and budgets (2007)

Code:  08
Description:  Agriculture
Explanatory notes:  This chapter includes R&D related to:
- The promotion of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and foodstuff production;
- Chemical fertilizers, biocides, biological pest control and the mechanization of agriculture;
- The impact of agricultural forestry activities on the environment;
- The field of developing food productivity and technology.

This chapter also includes R&D related to:
- Agriculture, forestry, and fishery;
- Animal and dairy science;
- Veterinary science and other agricultural sciences.

This chapter does not include R&D related to:
- The reduction of pollution (included in Chapter 2);
- The development of rural areas, the construction and planning of buildings, the improvement of rural rest and recreation amenities and agricultural water supply (included in Chapter 4);
- Energy measures (included in Chapter 5);
- The food industry (included in Chapter 6).