Nomenclature for the analysis and comparison of scientific programmes and budgets (2007)

Code:  02
Description:  Environment
Explanatory notes:  This chapter includes R&D related to:
- The control of pollution, aimed at the identification and analysis of the sources of pollution and their causes, and all pollutants, including their dispersal in the environment and the effects on man, species (fauna, flora, microorganisms) and biosphere;
- Development of monitoring facilities for the measurement of all kinds of pollution;
- The elimination and prevention of all forms of pollution in all types of environment.

This chapter also includes R&D related to:
- Protection of atmosphere and climate;
- Protection of ambient air;
- Solid waste;
- Protection of ambient water;
- Protection of soil and groundwater;
- Noise and vibration;
- Protection of species and habitats;
- Protection against natural hazards;
- Radioactive pollution.