Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Community, 2008 version

-> 10:  Food products 
Code:  10.9
Description:  Prepared animal feeds
Rulings:  Agricultural products (Drying of…)

Problem statement: Drying is mentioned both in explanatory notes for agriculture and food manufacturing.

Solution: UN TSG decision for ISIC Rev.4, applicable also for NACE Rev. 2:

• NACE Rev. 2 class 01.63 (Post-harvest crop activities) includes drying activities where no manufacturing-type equipment is used, for example sun-drying of fruit and vegetables, air-drying of forage plants etc.
• Division 10 (Manufacture of food products) includes industrial drying activities (dehydration by artificial means), according to the product class: NACE Rev. 2 class 10.31 (Processing and preserving of potatoes) includes industrial dehydrating of potatoes, 10.39 (Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables) includes industrial dehydrating of other fruit and vegetables etc.

Decision date: 01.07.2007