Classification of Environmental Protection Activities and Expenditure (2000)

Code:  6
Description:  Protection of biodiversity and landscapes
Explanatory notes:  Protection of biodiversity and landscape refers to measures and activities aimed at the protection and rehabilitation of fauna and flora species, ecosystems and habitats as well as the protection and rehabilitation of natural and semi-natural landscapes. The separation between ‘biodiversity’ and ‘landscape’ protection may not always be practical. For example, maintaining or establishing certain landscape types, biotopes, eco-zones and related issues (hedgerows, lines of trees to re-establish ‘natural corridors’) have a clear link to biodiversity preservation.

Excluded is the protection and rehabilitation of historic monuments or predominantly built-up landscapes, the control of weed for agricultural purposes as well as the protection of forests against forests fire when this predominantly responds to economic reasons. The establishment and maintenance of green spaces along roads and recreational structures (e.g. gulf courses, other sports facilities) are also excluded.

Actions and expenditure related to urban parks and gardens would not normally be included but may be related in some cases to biodiversity – in such cases the activities and expenditure should be included.