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Oil products (code O4600)
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Petroleum products is a product aggregate equal to the sum of refinery gas, ethane, liquefied petroleum gases, naphtha, motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, gasoline type jet fuel, kerosene type jet fuel, other kerosene, gas/diesel oil, fuel oil, white spirit ad SPB, lubricants, bitumen, paraffin waxes, petroleum coke and other products. Blended biofuels are included.
Oil products O4600 =
+ O4610 Refinery gas
+ O4620 Ethane
+ O4630 Liquefied petroleum gases
+ O4652 Motor gasoline
+ O4651 Aviation gasoline
+ O4653 Gasoline-type jet fuel
+ O4661 Kerosene-type jet fuel
+ O4669 Other kerosene
+ O4640 Naphtha
+ O4671 Gas oil and diesel oil
+ O4680 Fuel oil
+ O4691 White spirit and special boiling point industrial spirits
+ O4692 Lubricants
+ O4695 Bitumen
+ O4694 Petroleum coke
+ O4693 Paraffin waxes
+ O4699 Other oil products
Current Eurostat dissemination code: O4600
Old Eurostat dissemination code: 3200A
Standard International Energy Product Classification (SIEC): Section 46
Regulation (EC) No 1099/2008 on energy statistics
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  • Kerosene-type jet fuel (code O4661)
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  • Bitumen (code O4695)
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