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Simultaneous release
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Dissemination of statistical data to all interested parties at the same time.
Simultaneous release describes the policy for release of the data to the public, how the public is informed that the data are being released, and whether the policy provides for the dissemination of statistical data to all interested parties at the same time. It also describes the policy for briefing the press in advance of the release of the data.

According to the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, the release has to be simultaneous for all users. It is recommended to pre-announce the date of release. Simultaneous release (to all interested parties) is an element of the principle of ready and equal access to official statistics by the public that strengthens transparency in data dissemination practices.
This concept was part of the SDMX Metadata Common Vocabulary (MCV), as published in SDMX Content-Oriented Guidelines (COG), annex 4 "Metadata Common Vocabulary", in 2009 ( In February 2016 the Metadata Common Vocabulary was replaced by the SDMX Glossary 2016.
SDMX Metadata Common Vocabulary 2009 (MCV 2009)
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