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Statistical concept
Characteristics or information, usually numerical, that are collected through observation.
Data are the physical representation of information in a manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by human beings or by automatic means (Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE), "Terminology on Statistical Metadata", Conference of European Statisticians, Statistical Standards and Studies, No 53, Geneva, 2000).

Statistical data are data derived from either statistical or non-statistical sources, which are used in the process of producing statistical products.
This concept was also part of the SDMX Metadata Common Vocabulary (MCV), as published in SDMX Content-Oriented Guidelines (COG), annex 4 "Metadata Common Vocabulary", in 2009 ( In February 2016 the Metadata Common Vocabulary was replaced by the SDMX Glossary 2016.
The International Statistical Institute, "The Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms", edited by Yadolah Dodge, Oxford University Press, 2003
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