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Transformation input (Code B_101000)
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Transformation input covers all inputs into the transformation plants destined to be converted into derived products. Transformation is only recorded when the energy products are physically or chemically modified to produce other energy products, electricity and/or heat. This code = B_101001 (Input in conventional thermal power stations) + B_101002 (Input in nuclear power stations) + B_101004 (Input in coke-ovens) + B_101006 (Input in blast furnaces) + B_101007 (Input in gas-works) + B_101008 (Input in refineries) + B_101009 (Input in district heating plants) + B_101010 Transformation input in Patent Fuel Plants + B_101011 (Transformation input in BKB / PB Plants) + B_101012 (Transformation input in Coal Liquefaction Plants) + B_101013 (transformation input - For Blended Natural Gas) + B_101015 (Transformation input in Charcoal production plants (transformation)) + B_101016 (Transformation input in Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Plants (Transformation)) + B_101017 (Transformation input - Used for electricity generation) + B_101020 (Non-specified Transformation input).
Regulation (EC) No 1099/2008 On Energy Statistics, Joint International Energy Agency/Eurostat/United Nations Economic Commission For Europe annual questionnaire on solid fossil fuels and manufactured gases
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