European Classification of Individual Consumption according to Purpose

General description
Full title: European classification of individual consumption according to purpose
Abbreviation: ECOICOP
Originating authority: Commission of the European Communities (Statistical Office/Eurostat)
Current status: Operational
Structure: Level 1 : 12 categories
Level 2: 47 categories
Level 3 : 117categories
Level 4 : 303 categories
Succint description: COICOP is a reference classification published by the United Nations Statistics Division which is used in National accounts, Household Budget surveys (HBS), Price Statistics (HICP) and Purchasing Power Parities (PPP). Parts of this classification are also used in Food safety statistics or environment statistics.

All domains follow a classification consistent with the UN version at 4 digits. Nevertheless, at national level (for CPI) and in HBS and PPP a need for more detail was felt. Therefore, more detailed classifications were developed, but unfortunately not in a consistent way, thus leading to discrepancies between the classifications used in HICP, PPP and HBS as well as among those used at national level for prices data collection. This compromised comparability, both across countries and across statistical domains.

For this reason, Eurostat started in 2010 a work of harmonisation and revision of the Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP) at 5-digit level.

As a result, the ESS now has a single harmonised COICOP classification at five-digit level.

The objectives of COICOP are to lay down a framework of homogeneous categories of goods and services, which are considered as a function or purpose of expenditure by households with the object of classifying transactions in relation to individual consumption, social transfers and households' real consumption.
Main statistical applications: To provide statistics of general interest for a wide variety of analytic purposes
Media through which available: RAMON: Eurostat's metadata server
Language(s): EU official languages: Bugarian, Croatian, Czech; Danish; Dutch; English; Estonian; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Hungarian; Irish; Italian; Latvian; Lithuanian, Maltese; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Slovak; Slovene; Spanish; Swedish
Address of responsible agency: Statistical Office of the European Communities
Mrs Ana FRANCO LOPES (Unit B/5)
Tel.: + 00 352 4301 33209