Classification of Environmental Protection Activities and Expenditure (2000)

General description
Full title: Classification of Environmental Protection Activities and Expenditure, 2000
Abbreviation: CEPA 2000
Originating authority: Commission of the European Communities (Statistical Office/Eurostat)
Legal basis: None
Current status: Operational
Predecessor classification(s): CEPA 1994
Structure: Level 1: 9 categories;
Level 2: 46 categories;
Level 3: 20 categories
Succint description: CEPA is a functional classification used to classifiy activities, products, outlays and other transactions whose primary purpose is environmental protection.
Linked classification(s): CEPA class 8 corresponds to NABS 1993; CEPA classes 2 and 3 have a direct relation to ISIC Rev.3 division 90 and EU NACE Rev. 1.1 classes 90.01 and 90.02; CEPA is consistent with COFOG, COICOP and COPP but provides more detail and more complete coverage
Usage: Environment
Main statistical applications: Environmental statistics and environmental accounts
Media through which available: RAMON: Eurostat's metadata server.
Language(s): English; French; German; Italian; Spanish.
Address of responsible agency: Statistical Office of the European Communities
Tel.: +352 4301 37339