COICOP 1999 - CPA 2008 correspondence table

NACE Rev. 2 - US NAICS 2007 correspondence table


MS-Excel file (zipped): NACE Rev. 2 - US NAICS 2007 correspondence table 


This concordance was based essentially on a similar exercise conducted between US NAICS 2007 and ISIC Rev 4 (available from this address:

For ease of interpretation, NACE explanatory notes have been included in the MS-Excel document presented below. US NAICS 2007 detailed explanatory notes can be found at this address:

If you find mistakes or inconsistencies please inform us at this address: 

NACE Rev. 2 - US NAICS 2007 at two-digit level

The correspondence table presented above is constructed at the lowest hierarchical level of both classifications. The concordance presented below has been constructed at the two-digit level of both classifications.

1) The file called "NACE_2-US_NAICS_2007_2-digit_level.pdf" presents the correspondence table between NACE and NAICS;
2) The file called "US_NAICS_2007-NACE_2_2-digit_level.pdf" presents the correspondence table between NAICS and NACE;
3) The file called "NACE_NAICS_2-digit.xls" contains the raw information used to produce the reports.

In these reports a distinction has been made between primary and secondary links :

Primary links are links which are essential. Removing them from the concordance table would seriously bias the results of any comparison between both classifications.

Secondary links are minor links which can be omitted if you are not interested in the specific activity concerned. The removal of these secondary links will not impact the overall results of your data compilations.

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