PRODCOM 2008 AND CPC Version 2

 This correspondence table was developed in September 2011 by Eurostat Unit B1 "Quality; Classifications". It is based on the following input files:

    - Correspondence table CPA 2008 - CPC Version 2
    - Correspondence table CPA 2008 - Combined Nomenclature 2008
    - Correspondence table CPC Version 2 - Harmonized System 2007

When there was a one-to-one link between CPA and CPC, the concordance table CPA 2008 - CPC Version 2 was used. In cases where the links were of the types one-to-many or many-to-one between CPA and CPC, the concordance tables with Harmonized System and Combined Nomenclature were used to better define the contents of the categories concerned.

The enclosed zipped file contains three separate documents:

1) Document "PRODCOM 2008 - CPA 2008 - CPC 2" (PDF format, 691 pages):
Allocation of each PRODCOM 2008 category to its corresponding CPA 2008 and CPC Version 2 codes

2) Document "CPC 2 - CPA 2008 - PRODCOM 2008" (PDF format, 367 pages):
List of CPC Version 2 codes having a link with PRODCOM 2008

3) Document "PRODCOM_2008_CPA_2008_CPC_2_XLS3 (MS-Excel format):
This MS-Excel files contains the information that was used to produce the two PDF files

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