The various documents presented on this page are the outcome of the work carried out in 2012 and 2013 by a Task Force made of Austria, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Eurostat. This exercise called "Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Rental Described by CPA 2008 Categories" is the second and last step in the process of describing all operations and processes that products can undergo: a product can be traded (retail trade, wholesale trade and wholesale trade on a fee or contract basis), installed, maintained, repaired and/or rented. For trade, a similar exercise called "Trade Described by Products Traded" was carried out already in 2011.

Since it is not based on any legal text, this document has no binding force for the Member States. Indeed, this was not the objective of the Task Force. The stated aim was to primarily provide European statisticians with a tool allowing them to use wherever possible a common language when talking about installation, maintenance, repair and rental activities. Experience gained from the "Trade Described by Products Traded" exercise shows that Member States have used this information for various purposes, inter alia for classifying statistical units, interpreting NACE, or drafting explanatory notes and alphabetical indexes.

The files below are disseminated only via electronic means which will make it possible to continuously improve the document. The changes carried out over time will be listed in a separate ad hoc file called "History of Changes".



a) Methodological principles defined before starting the exercise

- Explanatory material is to be used according to the order of importance described below (most important material listed first):

- Prodcom and CN interpretation rules are not to be taken into account.

- For homogeneous products, classification is based on main use (consumer goods vs. professional goods).

- For heterogeneous products, two options:

b) Further methodological principles defined and applied along the exercise

To "Installation, maintenance and repair"

  - Installation of parts during the production process of a good is part of manufacturing and not classified in NACE 33.2: "Repair and installation of machinery and equipment". In other words, when a product is manufactured, everything done during the manufacturing process is part of that manufacturing, and is not to be considered as installation. The conclusion is that a service “installation of ...” can never be classified into manufacturing.

  - For large manufactured products like machinery and vehicles, any replacement of a part is not to be considered as installation but as maintenance/repair

  - For intermediate products as such, no specific repair services are distinguished. However, when intermediate products are part of a bigger object (a building, construction or car), they may be repaired by specialised repair services. But in fact, then they are no intermediate products anymore; a car is no bundle of intermediate products, it is one final product.

  - By definition, prefabricated buildings are not repaired; once the building has been assembled, it is to be considered just as any other building.

  - For the task force the meaning of the explanatory note to NACE 33.11: “Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment” which reads “platework repair of central heating boilers and radiators” is unclear, and therefore was ignored.

To "Rental"

  - Parts of products and intermediate products are not subject to rental.

  - Renting of machines with operators is not to be classified to NACE 77 “Rental and leasing activities”, but following the activity performed by the operator.

  - Prefabricated buildings cannot be rented as they are still in pieces.

  - Prefabricated buildings as output of manufacturing are no buildings yet, but parts, so included in 77.39.19 “Rental and leasing services of other machinery and equipment without operator and tangible goods n.e.c.”. As a consequence, CPA 16.23.20 "Prefabricated wooden buildings", 22.23.20 "Prefabricated buildings of plastics", 23.61.20 "Prefabricated buildings of concrete" and 25.11.10 "Prefabricated buildings of metal" are to be linked to 77.39.19 "Rental and leasing services of other machinery and equipment without operator and tangible goods n.e.c".

  - Rental of packaged systems software and packaged application software (CPA 58.29.1 and 58.29.2) is considered “rental of the rights" and not of an object; this kind of rental is therefore considered as outside the scope of this exercise.



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First official release: 18 June 2013.