All publications

All publications

​​​​​​​Eurostat publishes a wide range of publications:

Flagship publications are overview publications that present data for EU Member States, EU regions or G20 countries. The publication on Sustainable Development Goals is also included in this collection.

Interactive publications contain short texts, interactive visualisations and maps, videos, photos, etc.

Key figures is a series of publications that presents key findings and gives an introduction to various statistical topics.

Statistics Explained is the core dissemination platform for most Eurostat publications, containing articles and glossaries that present statistics in an easily understandable way. It also contains online publications for both statistical and methodological domains. The articles are published in English, however but, since November 2020, automatic machine translations into all EU official languages are available.

Manuals and guidelines describe methodologies, guidelines and standards which are applied in the European Statistical System.

Statistical working papers present on-going methodological developments and applied statistical studies.

Statistical reports are quality reports or other papers that introduce new or experimental data in one statistical area.

Leaflets and other brochures promote different statistical topics (without presenting actual data, which easily gets outdated).

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