Trade in goods 2017

International Trade in Goods 2017

International trade in goods   

Eurostat publishes an infographic as well as some interesting facts & figures
on trade in goods in the EU.

Data visualisation: Top 5 partners in trade in goods

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 that in 2017 …

… the EU imported video game consoles with a trade value of approximately EUR 4.5 billion from China, the latter accounting for 89% of the EU's total extra-EU imports. 52% of these games consoles went to the Netherlands, while 17% went to the UK , 12% to Spain and 8% to Poland?

Italy was the EU's biggest exporter of silk ties, with over 7.2 million pieces exported all over the world. The country's biggest extra-EU markets, in terms of quantity, were the United States (30%), Switzerland (22%) and Japan (16%)?

… the EU imported over 5.8 million tonnes of bananas from about 100 different extra-EU countries, and mainly from Ecuador,1.5 million tonnes (27%), Colombia,1 4 million tonnes (24%) and Costa Rica,1.1 million tonnes (20%) ?

France exported perfume and eau de toilette (excluding aftershave lotions) for a value of over EUR 4.2 billion to the world. 52% of its exports went to 157 countries outside the EU, the United States was by far the largest market (27%), followed by the United Arab Emirates (9%), Singapore and Switzerland (both 6%)?

… the EU dispatched more than 3.1 million tonnes of fuel wood within the EU. The biggest exporters were Croatia (24%), Slovenia (16%) and France (13%)?

Source: Eurostat, Comext. Date of extraction: 20.03.2018.

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More detailed information can be found in the Eurostat news release on international trade in goods in 2017.


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