Trade in goods 2014

International trade in goods 2014

International trade in goods    

Below you will find some funny facts as well as some data visualisation from Eurostat on international trade in goods of the EU28 and the Member States with its partners.



…that in 2014, the EU28 exported 9.1 million kg of natural sand to Qatar?

…that Denmark is the biggest exporter of Christmas trees among the EU Member States?
In 2014, it accounted for 78% of intra-EU* exports and for 72% of extra-EU* exports of Christmas trees.

…that India was the biggest exporter of rice into the EU28 in 2014, accounting for 30% of total extra-EU* imports of rice?

…that among the EU Member States, Germany is the biggest importer of fireworks from countries outside the EU*?
In 2014, imports amounted to almost 42 million kg, accounting for 38% of extra-EU* imports of fireworks.

…that the EU28 imported 11 million kg of chewing gum in 2014, of which 41% came from Turkey and 30% from China?

…that the EU28 exported 149 million kg of toilet paper to countries outside the EU?

* Intra-EU exports/imports refer to trade between the 28 EU Member States; extra-EU exports/imports refer to trade with countries outside the EU28.

Source: Eurostat, Comext (Data of extraction: 26.03.2015)


More detailed information can be found in the Eurostat news release on international trade in goods in 2014.


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Data visualisation: Top 5 partners in trade in goods