Tourism in the EU

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  Tourism in the EU, 2016

Eurostat publishes a data visualisation tool and some interesting facts & figures
  on tourism activities in the EU.


Did you know?

… that the top three EU countries for European* tourists to visit (measured by number of nights spent) were Spain (20.3%) , Italy (12.6%) and France (11.9%)?

… that Europeans spent on average 86 Euros per night in another EU country? This ranged from 55 Euros in Slovakia to 154 Euros in Estonia.


… that Europeans travelled by plane for 53.6% of their trips outside their own country, while for trips inside their own country they travelled mainly by cars and buses (75.5 %), or rail (13.6 %)?


… that one in four personal trips were made by Europeans in July and August, while September was the month when most business trips were made?


… that more than one third of all trips made by Europeans were visits to friends and relatives?


 *EU residents. All data refer to 2016 except trips for UK residents (2013). Source: Eurostat, Tourism statistics

Further information & statistics

Further information can be found in the Eurostat news release on tourism destinations.


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