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  Tourism Statistics 

Today, Eurostat publishes some information on

tourism activity of EU residents.


…that the participation in tourism was highest in Finland (89% of the population who have made at least 1 trip of at least 1 overnight stay for personal purpose), Luxembourg (85%) and the Netherlands (84%)?

…that EU28 residents spent on average 353 Euro per trip?  

…that more than a third of all holiday nights for EU28 residents aged 15-29 (36%) and 30-64 (35%) are spent during July and August

…that 35% of all trips made by EU28 residents were visits to friends and relatives?  

…that the number of holiday trips spent on campsites, caravan or trailer park was highest for UK residents (18% of all holiday trips)?

…and that the number of holiday trips spent in an own holiday home  was highest for Spanish residents (43% of all holiday trips)?  

Source: Eurostat, Tourism statistics (Data of extraction: 11.06.2015). All data refer to 2013.


Further information can be found in the Eurostat news release on tourism in the EU.


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