Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

    On the occasion of Safer Internet Day,
which is celebrated every y
ear on 9. February,
Eurostat publishes some interesting facts & figures
and data visualisation on internet security in the European Union.

...that one out of four internet users in the EU experienced last year at least one common security related problem while using Internet?

...that a bit less than one young internet user (aged 16-24) out of two experienced a common security problem in Croatia (49%), Hungary (47%) and Portugal (44%)?

.…that less than 10% of internet users caught a virus or another computer infection in the Netherlands (6%), the Czech Republic (8%) and Slovakia (9%)?

…that abuses of personal information sent over the internet were the most frequent in Malta (8%) and Italy (6%)?

...that 9% of internet users in Belgium had financial losses because of fraudulent messages, compared with very few or none in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Slovenia and Slovakia?

Source: Eurostat, Information society statistics. All data refer to 2015. Date of extraction: 29.01.2016. 


Further information can also be found in the Eurostat news release on internet security.


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Data visualisation on security related problems experienced by internet users

The data visualisation below shows by default data on security problems experienced by internet users in the EU28. The bar chart at the bottom shows the comparison between Member States for the selected security problem and highlights by default the value for the EU. By clicking on the flag of a country or on the icon representing one problem, you can display the data for this specific country or problem.

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