Labour Day 2019

1 May 2019: Labour Day

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1 May 2019: Labour Day  

On the occasion of Labour Day, which is celebrated each year on 1 May, 
Eurostat publishes a data visualisation tool & some interesting  information on the
employment situation in the EU, Member States and EFTA countries.

Data visualisation

 Select the European Union, a Member State or an EFTA country from the list.

 Click on the little arrow in a box in order to see more details, click on a bar chart icon to compare the Member States.

Did you know?

 that in 2018 …

… the share of temporary employees ranged from about 1% of all employees in Romania to 27% in Spain?

… 8 % of employed persons in the EU worked at least occasionally at night? This ranged from 3% in Italy to 17% in Croatia.

… the share of employees usually working long hours (49 hours or more per week ) was highest in the United Kingdom  (12%) and lowest in the Netherlands, Lithuania and Bulgaria (less than 1%)?

… the proportion of self-employed persons varied from 8% in Luxembourg and Denmark to 30% in Greece?

… the share of employees who usually work from home was highest in Finland and the Netherlands  (9%) and lowest in Romania, Latvia, Cyprus and Lithuania (less than 1%)?

Source: Eurostat, EU Labour Force Survey.  Date of extraction: 25.04.2019. All data refer to age group 15-74.

Further information & statistics

Further information can also be found in the Eurostat news on EU 2020 employment indicators.


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