GVA and Employment 2017

Gross value added (GVA) AND EMPLOYMENT IN THE eu 2016


Weight of economic activities in the EU in 2016

Below you will find an infographic as well as some interesting facts & figures
on gross value added (GVA) and employment by economic activity in the EU


INFOGRAPHIC: economic activities


… that in the EU, the sector "wholesale & retail trade, transport, accommodation and food" accounted for the highest share of total employment (24.7%)? This percentage ranged from 33.3 % in Greece to 20.1% in Sweden.

... that the weight of construction in gross value added was largest in Slovakia (7.9%) and lowest  in Greece (2.5 %), compared to 5.3% in the EU?


… that 2.6 % of Europeans worked in the financial and insurance sector, ranging from 11.% in Luxembourg to 1.3% in Romania?


… that in the EU, the weight of information and communication activities in gross value added was 5%, varying   from 9.8% in Ireland to 3.4% in Greece and Portugal?


All data refer to 2016. Source: Eurostat, Gross value added and income by A*10 industry breakdowns and
Employment by A*10 industry breakdowns.


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