Gross value added (GVA) AND EMPLOYMENT IN THE eu 2015


Weight of economic activities in the EU in 2015

Today, Eurostat publishes an infographic as well as some interesting facts & figures
on gross value added (GVA) and employment by economic activity in the EU


INFOGRAPHIC: economic activities


… that the largest proportion of employment in manufacturing was registered in the Czech Republic (26.4% of total employment), while the highest share of employment in agriculture was found in Romania (26.6 % of total employment)?

... that Luxembourg registered the highest share of financial and insurance activities in total gross value added (27.5% , almost 5 times the EU average), while the lowest share was recorded in Lithuania (2.1%)?


… that 3% of Europeans worked in the information and communication sector, with the highest share in Estonia (4.2% of total employment) and the lowest in Portugal (1.8%)?


… that in the EU, the weight of real estate activities in gross value added was 11.2% and that this varied from 18.0% in Greece to 5.3% in Poland?


All data refer to 2015. Source: Eurostat, Gross value added and income by A*10 industry breakdowns and
Employment by A*10 industry breakdowns.


Further information can be found in the Eurostat news release on the weight of economic activities and employment.

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