Energy prices 2018

Energy prices 2018

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Energy prices in the EU, 2018

Eurostat publishes an infographic as well as some interesting facts & figures on household energy prices
in the EU.

Infographic: Electricty prices in the EU

Infographic: How do we pay to power a refrigerator for a year?


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Source: Eurostat, Electricity prices statistics

Did you know?

that electricity prices* for household consumers ranged from 9.8 Euro per 100 kWh in Bulgaria to 31.3 Euro per 100 kWh in Denmark in 2018?

... that the electricity bill for households in Latvia increased more over the last ten years (2008-2018) than in any other EU country (+82 %) while the highest decrease was recorded in Hungary (-27 %)?

… that gas prices** for household consumers in 2018 ranged from 3.2 Euro per 100 kWh in Romania to 11.3 Euro in Sweden ?

... that among the EU Member States, Croatia recorded the highest increase in gas prices for households since 2008 (+35 %) and Luxembourg the highest decrease (-26 %)?

… that Malta recorded the lowest share of taxes and levies (5 %) paid by household consumers for electricity in 2018, while Denmark (68 %) had the highest shares?

* Electricity prices refer to prices for a household with an annual consumption of between 2 500 and 5 000 kWh, and include taxes.
** Gas prices refer to prices for a household with an annual consumption of between 5 600 and 56 000 kWh of gas, and include taxes.

Data: 1st semester 2018. Source: Eurostat, Energy statistics. Date of extraction: 19.11.2018

Further information & statistics

Further information can also be found in the Eurostat news item on energy prices in the EU.


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