Citizenship 2016

Acquisition of citizenship in the EU 2016

EU citizenship

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that in 2016 ...

... Italy was the top citizenship-granting country in the EU (20% of new citizenships granted), followed by Spain and the United Kingdom (both 15%), France (12%) and Germany (11%)?

… nine out of every ten new EU citizens were previously citizens of a non-EU country? The main origins were Morocco (101 295, or 10 %), Albania (67 483, or 7 %) and India (41 669, or 4 %)?

… 120 235 citizens of EU-28 Member States acquired citizenship of another EU-28 Member State? (12% of total acquisitions)?

Sweden and Luxembourg granted the highest number of citizenships in relation to their population (6 per thousand persons), followed by Cyprus (5)?

... the highest proportion of citizenship acquisitions by women was recorded in Cyprus (59 %), while the highest by men (62%) was in Romania?

Sweden registered the highest share of grants of citizenship to children aged under 15 (35%), while the highest share of grants to people aged over 65 was recorded in Luxembourg, Slovakia and Hungary (7%)?

Source: Eurostat, Acquisition of citizenship statistics. Date of extraction: 05.04.2018

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Further information can also be found in the Eurostat news release on acquisition of citizenship in the EU.


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