Other news releases

This calendar features news releases other than euro-indicators covering a wide range of topics, such as first releases of new data sets, data releases from annual or multi-annual data collections, high-profile Eurostat publications as well as information relating to EU events and international days.

Please note that the calendar is provisional. News releases may be deleted, rescheduled and others may be added during the course of the year.

September 2020

Title Date State
Regional yearbook 2020 18/09/2020 released
Work organisation and working time arrangements in 2019 29/09/2020 released

October 2020

Title Date State
Labour market in the second quarter 2020 08/10/2020 preliminary
Residence permits for non-EU citizens in 2019   preliminary
Poverty and social exclusion in 2019   preliminary

November 2020

Title Date State
Personal transfers in 2019   preliminary
Taxation in 2019   preliminary
Economic accounts for agriculture in 2019   preliminary
Social protection expenditure in 2018   preliminary
R&D expenditure 2018   preliminary

December 2020

Title Date State
Fertility of nationals and foreigners   preliminary
GDP and consumption per capita for 2019   preliminary
Intergenerational transmission of disadvantages   preliminary
Structure of earnings in 2018   preliminary
ICT in EU enterprises   preliminary
ICT in EU households   preliminary
Foreign direct investment stocks in 2019   preliminary

Previously published

January 2020

Title Date State
ICT in EU enterprises 13/01/2020 released
ICT in EU households 16/01/2020 released
Renewable energy in 2018 23/01/2020 released
Tourism nights in 2019 24/01/2020 released
International trade in services in 2018 28/01/2020 released
Contingent liabilities in 2018 30/01/2020 released

February 2020

Title Date State
Energy consumption in 2018 04/02/2020 released
Government expenditure by function in 2018 27/02/2020 released

March 2020

Title Date State
Regional GDP per capita in 2018 05/03/2020 released
Regional employment in 2018 05/03/2020 released
Women's Day 06/03/2020 released
Asylum applicants in 2019 20/03/2020 released
EU international trade in goods in 2019 25/03/2020 released
Acquisition of citizenship in 2018 30/03/2020 released
Labour cost levels in 2019 31/03/2020 released

April 2020

Title Date State
Employment in 2019 21/04/2020 released
Education in 2019 22/04/2020 released
Regional unemployment in 2019 24/04/2020 released
Asylum decisions in 2019 27/04/2020 released
Unaccompanied minors in 2019 28/04/2020 released

May 2020

Title Date State
CO2 emissions from energy use, early estimates for 2019 06/05/2020 released
Natural gas and electricity prices 07/05/2020 released
International Comparison Program, latest results 19/05/2020 released

June 2020

Title Date State
EU in the world 02/06/2020 released
First estimates of purchasing power parities for 2019 18/06/2020 released
Consumer price levels in 2019 19/06/2020 released
Sustainable Development Goals 22/06/2020 released
Structure of government debt in 2019 22/06/2020 released

July 2020

Title Date State
Labour market in the first quarter 2020 08/07/2020 released
EU population in 2020 - first estimates 10/07/2020 released

August 2020

Title Date State
none planned