Free registration

A simple registration form, enables full access to Eurostat services. If registered, to Login you can follow the icon Icon from any page of the Eurostat website. As registered user, you can:

  • receive tailor-made e-mail alerts informing you of new publications as soon as they are online;
  • access enhanced functionalities of the databases (customize the navigation tree, bulk download).

Eurostat alerts

Stay up-to-date on Eurostat's latest releases

  • Receive customisable e-mail alerts that inform you whenever a new publication becomes available and could be downloaded automatically. Free service for registered visitors is accessible via any Alert-me link.

Help/Data support

  • Access to Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • User Support - if you cannot find a suitable answer, you can send a request via the registration form to one of the European Statistical Data Support (ESDS) centres. ESDS is a network of support centres based in nearly all the Member States as well as in Candidate and some EFTA countries.
  • Press centre – is a dedicated service for journalists including press releases and support service.