Note to users

The information provided below were published by Eurostat in April 2018.

Further updated information on how Eurostat will handle the dissemination of the new aggregate for the European Union without the UK will be available before the date of withdrawal.

New aggregate

New aggregate for European Union without UK

Following usersˈ requests, Eurostat published on 10 April 2018 in its database a new aggregate, covering the EU28 without the UK for the most in-demand indicators, such as population, GDP growth rate and unemployment.

The publication of this aggregate responds to a strong demand for such data from institutional users as well as the general public.

The new aggregate is visible in individual datasets, among the other EU and euro area aggregates.

List of indicators released with the new aggregate

Economy & finance

  • National Accounts, annual and quarterly
    > Quarterly and annual GDP - GDP and main components
  • Purchasing power parities
  • Regional accounts
    > GDP per head at NUTS 2 level
  • HICP
    > Monthly data - annual rate of change
  • House Prices
    > House price index - quarterly data
  • Balance of Payment Statistics (EU)
    > Current account (including ITS), quarterly data
    > Capital account, quarterly data
    > Main items of the financial account (Including FDI), quarterly data

International trade

  • International Trade in Goods (ITGS)
    > "European Union without United Kingdom" trade by SITC product group 
    > "European Union without United Kingdom" trade by BEC product group 

Population and social conditions

  • Population statistics:
    > Population change - Demographic balance and crude rates at national level
  • Labour Market Statistics
    > Unemployment - LFS adjusted series

Industry, trade and services

  • Short-term business statistics
    > Production in industry - monthly data
    > Production in construction - quarterly data
    > Turnover and volume of sales in wholesale and retail trade – monthly data


Code and label of the new aggregate

To accommodate the changes a new code was introduced and a label change has been done for existing codes. The most important changes are listed below.

Geo code Label Comment
EU28 European Union (current composition) label changed
EU27_2019 European Union (without United Kingdom) new code
EU27 European Union (before the accession of Croatia) label changed