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International Sourcing in Europe - Issue number 4/2009

International Sourcing in Europe - Issue number 4/2009

The continuous globalisation of the economy has pushed many enterprises to adopt international sourcing as a business model, i.e. move certain business functions that were performed in-house or domestically sourced by the resident enterprise to either non-affiliated or affiliated enterprises located abroad. Magnitude and impact are difficult to measure as no harmonised and comparable statistics have been available. Twelve countries have launched an ad-hoc survey to establish statistical evidence of the phenomena. The survey results reveal that international sourcing is most common among Irish, UK, Danish, Finnish and Slovenian enterprises. Manufacturing enterprises source far more than enterprises active in other sectors. Most international sourcing of core business and/or support functions remains intra-EU. This publication analyses the survey results e.g. the magnitude of international sourcing broken down be economic sectors, business functions and type of support function.

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Release date: 23/01/2009

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Product Code: KS-SF-09-004
Theme: Industry, trade and services
Collection: Statistics in Focus