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The EU-15’s New Economy: A statistical portrait

The EU-15’s New Economy: A statistical portrait

The Working Paper "The EU-15's New Economy: A Statistical Portrait" offers a statistical portrait of the EU-15 which makes it possible to benchmark the countries involved in terms of how they are managing to achieve the goals set in the Lisbon strategy. It is both comprehensive – covering a broad spectrum of phenomena relevant to the new economy – but at the same time compact, restricting itself to a set of fifty key indicators. Because of this, the publication provides the reader with a well-considered and practical overview of how Europe is performing with regard to the Lisbon agenda. This Working Paper is one of the results of the project "New Economy Statistical Information System" (NESIS), which was carried out under 5th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP5). Further information on the NESIS project is available at the project website This publication exists only in English.

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Release date: 21/04/2005

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