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null Living conditions in Europe - 2014 Edition

This publication provides a statistical overview of living conditions in Europe. It presents a broad range of indicators on different aspects of both living conditions and the distinct socio-economic factors that affect them. These include poverty and inequality; living standards and their affordability for households; quality of housing and the living environment, as well as other material living conditions, along with their interrelationships with the social, labour and health status of a household; and aspects of child poverty and social exclusion, as well as the family-related factors in childhood which affect the situation of today's adults. While the publication aims at covering as broadly as possible the various aspects of this multifaceted subject, the indicators presented in it have been necessarily selected so as to highlight important or interesting issues. It provides therefore a starting point for further in-depth investigation, based on relevant data available on Eurostat's website.

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Release date: 12/12/2014

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