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null The EU in the world — 2020 edition

This publication, published every second year, provides a statistical portrait of the European Union (EU) in relation to the rest of the world. It presents a broad range of indicators for the EU and the non-EU members of the Group of Twenty (G20). It is structured into three parts: people and society — population, health, education and training, labour market, living conditions, as well as digital society; economy and business— economy and finance, international trade, business, as well as research and development; environment and natural resources— transport, energy, environment, as well as agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

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Release date: 02/06/2020

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Product Code: KS-EX-20-001
ISBN: 978-92-76-15703-8
ISSN: 2315-1889
Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.2785/932944
Theme: General and regional statistics
Collection: Statistical books