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How Europeans spend their time - Everyday life of women and men - Data 1998 - 2002

How Europeans spend their time - Everyday life of women and men - Data 1998 - 2002

This pocketbook is the first compendium of European statistics on How Europeans spend their time. It aims to shed light on how women and men organise their everyday life in ten European countries. In particular, it provides information about the possibilities of reconciling professional and family life - statistics about the division between women and men of gainful and domestic work. Time Use Surveys (TUS) fill a number of gaps in the statistical information available in the social domain. For instance, they unveil gaps between women and men correlated to existing differences in their situation on the labour market and their participation in education, cultural activities and other spheres of life. TUS can also be used to produce, for example, statistics on voluntary work, care, mobility and leisure time. The statistical source for this publication is the national Time Use Surveys that have been conducted in several European countries. Ten European countries, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom and Norway, have been included in this presentation.

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Release date: 26/07/2004

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