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Methodology for the calculation of Eurostat's demographic indicators

Methodology for the calculation of Eurostat's demographic indicators

Eurostat does not collect demographic indicators directly from countries, only raw numbers (detailed population and demographic events by sex and age). Injudicious comparison of rates established using different definitions of age might lead to misleading international comparisons (the choice of one or other definition resulting in significant differences, particularly for analysis by age). To overcome this problem and to ensure comparability between European Economic Area countries, Switzerland and the Balkan countries, Eurostat uses a conversion method that permits comparability of data compiled according to any definition from across Europe and thus allows the calculation of harmonised indicators. Until recent years, these indicators were produced with the help of a software package known as SYSCODEM. This package is now being replaced by a new computation system – that will be fully operational in 2005 - based on the methodology described in this publication "Methodology for the calculation of Eurostat's demographic indicators" (G. Calot and J.P. Sardon). This methodology is similar to the one used by SYSCODEM in the past.

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Release date: 13/06/2005

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