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null Regional diversity in the EU – how does your region fare?


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There are some burning questions you might have about the different EU regions: questions about people, the economy, and the environment. National figures alone cannot reveal the full and sometimes complex picture of what is happening within the EU countries. This has become even clearer during the COVID-19 pandemic: while all regions in the EU have been affected, there have been marked differences in regional outcomes.

Eurostat issues today the 2021 edition of the Eurostat regional yearbook, which provides a statistical overview of the regions of the EU across a broad range of subjects: population, health, education, the labour market, living conditions, the digital society, the economy, business, research and development, tourism, transport, the environment and agriculture. The analyses presented include maps, figures and infographics, and are designed to highlight regional variations and similarities.


Front cover: Regional yearbook 2021 front edition


Although it is too soon to evaluate the full impact of the COVID-19 crisis, not least since the pandemic is still ongoing at the time of writing, this publication presents an initial set of data for 2020 on several subjects such as mortality and excess deaths, educational attainment and the transition from education to work, labour force developments, and how people made use of the internet. 


What’s next?

  • On 7 October, Eurostat will release an updated interactive digital publication, “Regions in Europe — statistics visualised”, which will present a range of interactive visualisations to help users get a deeper understanding of the situation across the EU or in their own region.
  • From Monday 11 October to Thursday 14 October, Eurostat will participate with its own stand at the European Week of Regions and Cities. You can register to participate here
  • During the Week of Regions and Cities, Eurostat will be giving a live presentation inviting you to “Explore the statistics on your region!” You can find out more about this event and register here
  • Also during the Week of Regions and Cities, Eurostat will host a workshop on 13 October 9:30 - 11:00 AM on “Factfulness – Data stories on regions, and urban and rural areas”. It will focus on the impact of the pandemic and show relevant regional data. You can find out more details and register here


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