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In 2020, household consumption expenditure in the EU decreased by an unprecedented 8%  compared with 2019. In fact, all the EU Member States recorded a decrease in household consumption expenditure. 

This is the largest annual reduction recorded since the time series started and it is due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing measures, government restrictions imposed on the movement of people and non-essential economic activities severely affected household consumption expenditure. 


Bar graph: Household expenditure 2019 vs 2020 in the EU MS and EFTA countries, % change

Source dataset: nama_10_co3_p3


When comparing 2019 with 2020, the largest decrease was recorded in Malta (around -22%), followed by Croatia, Spain and Greece (all around -16%).

On the other hand, the smallest decreases were recorded in Slovakia and Denmark (both around -2%), followed by Lithuania and Poland (both around -3%). 

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Screenshot: Household expenditure by category, EU, 2020 (as % of total expenditure)


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