Where does your Easter chocolate come from?


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In 2016, the European Union (EU) imported around 1.7 million tonnes of cocoa beans from abroad. Most of them came from Africa. Cote d'Ivoire (720 000 tonnes exported to the EU), Ghana (340 000 tonnes), Nigeria (180 000 tonnes) and Cameroon (140 000 tonnes) were the main countries of origin. The cocoa beans were mostly processed into chocolate and chocolate bars in the EU.

Infographic: Cocoa bean imports to the EU, 2016


Individual EU Member States exported 2.0 million tonnes of chocolate and chocolate bars in the same year. 80% of them went to other EU countries. Top chocolate and chocolate bar exporters were Germany (540 000 tonnes), the Netherlands (270 000 tonnes) and Belgium (250 000 tonnes), followed by Poland (200 000 tonnes), Italy (140 000 tonnes) and France (100 000 tonnes).

Happy Easter everyone!

Infographic: Chocolates and chocolate bars - EU top exporters, 2016