Over half of EU’s energy consumption from imports


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In 2016, the European Union (EU) needed to import slightly over half (53.6%) of the energy it consumed. Since 2004, energy dependency in the EU has been above 50% with a highest rate recorded in 2008 (54.5%).


Energy dependency rate (%)

Estonia and Denmark least dependent on energy imports

In 2016, Estonia (6.8%) was the Member State least dependent on imported energy, ahead of Denmark (13.9%), Romania (22.3%), Poland (30.3%), Sweden (31.9%) and the Czech Republic (32.8%). At the opposite end of the scale, the highest energy dependence rates were registered in Malta (slightly over 100% because of the build-up of stock), Cyprus (96.2%) and Luxembourg (96.1%), followed by Italy (77.5%), Lithuania (77.4%) and Belgium (76.0%).

Among the five Member States consuming the largest amounts of energy, the United Kingdom (35.3%) and France (47.1%) were the least dependent on energy imports, in contrast to Germany (63.5%), Spain (71.9%) and Italy (77.5%).

Further information on energy statistics in general and on energy imports in particular can be found in the recently updated version of the Eurostat digital publication “Shedding light on energy in the EU – A guided tour of energy statistics

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