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Unemployment rate by NUTS 2 regions

Regional (NUTS level 2) unemployment rate represents unemployed persons as a percentage of the economically active population (i.e. labour force or sum of employed and unemployed). The indicator is based on the EU Labour Force Survey.
Unemployed persons comprise persons aged 15-74 who were (all three conditions must be fulfilled simultaneously): 1. without work during the reference week; 2. currently available for work; 3. actively seeking work or who had found a job to start within a period of at most three months.
The employed persons are those aged 15-64, who during the reference week did any work for pay, profit or family gain for at least one hour, or were not at work but had a job or business from which they were temporarily absent.

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Code: tgs00010
Last update: 31/01/20
Oldest data: 2007
Most recent data: 2018
Number of values: 11432
Themes: Population and social conditions