Weekly calendar

Weekly calendar

Week 8:   22-28 February 2021

Category Title Date
Euro indicators Inflation (HICP), January 2021 23/02/2021
What's new? Mean age of women at first childbirth 24/02/2021
Trade in services 24/02/2021
Internet of things use in EU households 25/02/2021
General government expenditure 26/02/2021
Visualisations General government expenditure by function (interactive infographic) 26/02/2021
Statistics Explained articles Inflation in the euro area 23/02/2021

Government expenditure by function (a series of articles) 

  • Government expenditure by function – COFOG
  • Government expenditure on defence 
  • Government expenditure on economic affairs 
  • Government expenditure on education
  • Government expenditure on environmental protection
  • Government expenditure on general public services
  • Government expenditure on health 
  • Government expenditure on housing and community amenities
  • Government expenditure on public order and safety
  • Government expenditure on recreation, culture and religion 
  • Government expenditure on social protection
E-commerce statistics  
Young people — social inclusion  

Week 9:   1-8 March 2021*

Category Title Date
Euro indicators Flash Estimate inflation euro area, February 2021 02/03/2021
Industrial producer prices, domestic market, January 2021 03/03/2021
Unemployment, January 2021 04/03/2021
Retail trade, January 2021 04/03/2021
What's new? Earnings by economic activity, 2018 02/03/2021
Regional GDP and labour productivity, 2019 03/03/2021
Women in technology and knowledge-intensive sectors, 2019 (International Women’s Day) 04/03/2021
Gender employment gap by education level, Q3 2020 (International Women’s Day) 05/03/2021
Women in management, Q3 2020 (International Women’s Day) 05/03/2021
E-government use by individuals, 2020 (Open Data Day) 06/03/2021
Women in parliaments and governments, 2020 (International Women’s Day) 07/03/2021
Gender earnings gap, 2018 (International Women’s Day) 08/03/2021
Health workers across EU regions, Q3 2020 (International Women’s Day) 08/03/2021
Statistics Explained articles Flash Estimate inflation euro area, February 2021 02/03/2021
Earnings, 2018 02/03/2021
Unemployment, January 2021 04/03/2021
Gender pay gap, 2019 08/03/2021
Gender statistics (multiple reference years) 08/03/2021
HICP at constant tax rates, 2020  
Impact of Covid-19 crisis on retail trade, January 2021  
Impact of Covid-19 crisis on services, Q4/2020  
  * The calendar exceptionally covers 8 days in order to include the entire communication package related to International Women’s Day.