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Every year, Eurostat receive requests from journalists and media representatives to visit Eurostat, to meet with management and staff, and learn more about the day-to-day activities.

We also receive a number of requests from other groups, such as civil servants, NGOs, politicians and universities, typically Masters' students. Visitors to Eurostat are keen to discover the world of statistics, understand better how they play a role in everyday life and dive deeper into specific subject areas.

If you are a journalist, please contact Eurostat's Press Office.

For all other visits to Eurostat, see below.

Registration conditions

We welcome groups of 8-25 people, including university-level students in economics, finance, statistics, European studies, etcetera. We expect that participants are familiar with the world of official statistics and/or have an interest in this area.

Visits to Eurostat can take place from Monday afternoon until Friday lunchtime. Morning sessions are typically scheduled between 10.00 and 12.00, and afternoon sessions between 14.00 and 16.00.

We are unable to accept visits on public holidays or during periods when Eurostat's offices are closed.

We can offer two presentations per visit:

  1. A general overview of Eurostat, its role and activities, followed by questions and answers.
  2. A second presentation on an area of your specific interest.

Presentations can be made in English, French or German, depending on the chosen subject area and availability of our information officers.

Given the level of interest shown in Eurostat by students and professionals, requests should be sent at least six weeks before the planned date of the visit.

All requests are to be sent via the online application form.

Visits to Eurostat are free of charge.

In exceptional circumstances, Eurostat reserves the right to cancel a planned visit.

Security & conduct

A complete list of participants is to be sent, one week prior to arrival, complete with identity or passport numbers to ESTAT VISITS.

Visitors will need to arrive at Eurostat premises 30 minutes ahead of the first presentation, in order to enter the building and pass through security.

A representative of Eurostat will be present at all times, to welcome the group and ensure that all visitors leave the building together.

Like at the airport, visitors will walk through a metal detector at the entrance. Bags will be scanned and we recommend keeping personal belongings to a minimum.

Visitors must present an identity card or passport. They will then be issued with an identification badge, which is to be worn visibly for the duration of the visit.

Throughout the entire visit, visitors are expected to be discreet and conduct themselves with decorum.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the premises of the European Commission.

Our facilities are adapted to the needs of visitors with reduced mobility or a physical disability. Please inform us in advance if your group has one or more members with special needs.

No animals are allowed in Commission buildings, except for dogs to be used for checks of Commission premises requested by the Commission Security Directorate, patrol dogs used for the security of Commission premises, guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs.

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  • Requests from journalists, media and press representatives
  • Requests from other groups, such as NGOs, politicians, civil servants and universities 
    Contact: ESTAT VISITS