The statistical data are available free of charge via the Eurostat's website. Data contains many indicators (short-term, theme-specific and others) on the EU and the euro area, the Member States and their partners.


The 'News' tab offers direct links to the most recent news releases, release calendars, the sections "What's new?" and Themes in the spotlight.


In the 'Data' tab all Eurostat's data are accessible by browsing through 'Browse statistics by theme' where one can find data with all the detailed background information. The data can also be accessed via searching by 'Statistics A – Z' or browsing.

EU Policy Indicators

Under this heading you can find data and background information on:


Themes are broad statistical categories. Data can be accessed by browsing in 9 themes with several sub-themes. The complete statistical database is accessible from any page of Eurostat's website by clicking on Data. To access the calendar of the dates of releases of the data, please click on News > Release calendars.


Eurostat's publications programme consists of several collections. In the 'Publications' tab you can access all of Eurostat's publications by type of collection. All publications are downloadable free of charge in PDF format from the Eurostat website. 

Statistics Explained

Statistics Explained presents European statistics in an easily understandable way using a wiki-type system. Articles on all statistical topics are completed by a glossary clarifying all statistical terms and by numerous links to further information and to the data base. It is a useful portal for occasional and regular users alike. To find the information you need, use the search function, the statistical themes or the categories.

About Eurostat

In the 'About Eurostat' tab you can find all the useful information on Eurostat, how it works and what the Eurostat's organisation is like. Information on European statistical system (ESS), EU legislation related to statistics and Eurostat's activities (e.g. projects, grants, calls for tenders, conferences…) can be found in this part of the website.