How many journalists in the EU?


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In 2018 there were around 0.4 million journalists in the European Union (EU), equivalent to 0.2 % of total EU employment.

The Member States with the highest share of journalists were Sweden and Croatia* (both 0.4 % of total employment). In contrast, the lowest share (0.1 % of total employment) was in five Member States: Italy, Poland, Lithuania*, Romania* and Slovakia*.

Infographic showing the number of journalists in 2018

In terms of economic activities associated with journalism, 1.3 million people (0.5 % of total employment) were employed in publishing activities such as the publication of newspapers, magazines and journals (source dataset here).

This information has been published to mark the occasion of World Press Freedom Day (3 May).



The figures were collected in the EU Labour Force Survey. Data on the number of journalists in 2018 were not available for Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Malta or Portugal.

* indicates low reliability.


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