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Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-05-018, published on 13-May-2005

household and enterprise surveys run by Eurostat measure, inter alia, the rate of take up of this technology and the use made of ICTs. This current edition highlights some of the first results from the 2004 survey round. 18/2005 Main points raised in this edition are: • SMEs are lagging behind

Eurostat News , Product code: KS-AB-01-001-02, published on 01-Apr-2001

- tives for the promotion of ICT and e-business, notably for SMEs, have been launched over the past few years, at national and European level. Although information about them is readily available, there is still need to better under- stand the different approa- ches and to identify best pract...

Statistical working papers , Product code: KS-TC-14-003-ANNEX10, published on 27-Mar-2014

a microarray approach to real time PCR. The project will build on this, providing the innovation needed to transform a promising technology to an integrated system suitable for practical use at point-of-care setting. The consortium includes four research institutes and two SMEs, who have

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NK-03-001, published on 30-Jan-2003

Statistics in focus POPULATION AND SOCIAL CONDITIONS THEME 3 – 1/2003 Contents Large enterprises invested considerably more working time in their employees’ con- tinuing training than SMEs.......2 Above-average amount of working time devoted to con- tinuing vocational training in ‘Financial

Statistical working papers , Product code: KS-CC-03-013, published on 18-Dec-2003

those registered in mobility lists - Temporary contracts 10 Reintegration contracts 32 Reintegration of managers in SMEs 35 Incentives for taking on employees in CIGS 36 Incentives for taking on long-term unemployed 51 Total triennial relief 52 Total annual relief 53 Vocational integration s...

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-012, published on 06-Apr-2006

-sized enterprises (SMEs) and households. - Iceland and the Netherlands have the highest internet access rates for households, with Finland the highest rate for enterprises. - Household broadband connections are most widespread in Belgium and Estonia. - In the new Member States, the p...

Statistical working papers , Product code: KS-CC-03-006, published on 18-Dec-2003

redistribution of work (RF) 3.2 Job sharing 15 [Component] Career break (Fed, RF) - 4 Employment incentives 39 Part-time workers receiving income guarantee allowance 4.1 Recruitment incentives 16 Recruitment subsidy (RBC) 17 Recruitment of unemployed persons by SMEs in the context of economic expansion (RW