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9.9 8.8 22.3 14.3 4.9 6.5 23.4 25.3 * 1999     ** 1998    ***2001, estimate                    : Data not available or confidential   SMEs generate 60% of value added in legal, accountancy, engineering, technical and advertising

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investments’ and ‘Financing of innovation driven SMEs’. These topic had to be further explored before any decision can be taken. As to a legal basis for ad-hoc surveys, further reflection was also considered necessary. The meeting discussed feasible changes of Annex 1 of the SBS regulation t...

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to follow the evolution of the short- term trends, structure and activities of EU enterprises. - page 8 Detailed tables – SMEs in Europe Competitiveness, innovation and the knowledge-driven society. - page 8 PPuubblliiccaattiioonnss iinn tthhee

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Statistics in focus INDUSTRY, TRADE AND SERVICES THEME 4 – 18/2003 Contents A variable source of employment and value-added across the EU ............................2 A source of job growth in most countries ....................................3 SMEs of varying importance in the sector

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Statistics - Information Bulletin N°15 6 Domains1 Collections Data range2 Last update HIST: Historical domain (SBS plus, SME, Compet) • SBS_PLUS: Industrial structural business indicators of market share and specialisation in the EU and non- member countries - Triad: Market share and sp...

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and specialisation indicators for other OECD countries 1985 - 1998 1984 - 1998 - HIST: Historical domain (SBS plus, SME, Compet) � SME: Small and Medium sized enterprises - SME n70: SME tabular data in NACE 70. (National data) - SME rev1: SME tabular d...

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NK-03-001, published on 30-Jan-2003

Statistics in focus POPULATION AND SOCIAL CONDITIONS THEME 3 – 1/2003 Contents Large enterprises invested considerably more working time in their employees’ con- tinuing training than SMEs.......2 Above-average amount of working time devoted to con- tinuing vocational training in ‘Financial

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those registered in mobility lists - Temporary contracts 10 Reintegration contracts 32 Reintegration of managers in SMEs 35 Incentives for taking on employees in CIGS 36 Incentives for taking on long-term unemployed 51 Total triennial relief 52 Total annual relief 53 Vocational integration s...

Statistical working papers , Product code: KS-CC-03-006, published on 18-Dec-2003

redistribution of work (RF) 3.2 Job sharing 15 [Component] Career break (Fed, RF) - 4 Employment incentives 39 Part-time workers receiving income guarantee allowance 4.1 Recruitment incentives 16 Recruitment subsidy (RBC) 17 Recruitment of unemployed persons by SMEs in the context of economic expansion (RW

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or services via the Internet (see table 11). Large enterprises were generally more inclined to buy or sell goods or services on the Internet than SMEs. EU enterprises in the hotels and accommodation sector made by far the most use of Internet e-sales (see figure 5). Figure 5: Enterp...

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% of employment in the EU in the high-tech industries taken together was in firms with a work force of 250 or more (compared to just over 40% in Electrical machinery and equipment worked in SMEs) and Italy (where in all high-tech industries, except Aerospace and Pharmaceuticals, around half or more