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manufacturing sectors. Recently- industrialised countries such as Ireland have developed through relocations, which leave little room for micro-enterprises. And the German 0LWWHOVWDQG model, based on medium-to-large sized SMEs, tends to depress the relative weight of micro-enterprises. Amongst the micro

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to E B, DK, E, FIN, S, UK: 1995 Source: Eurostat - SME database In % ,PSRUWDQFH�RI�60(V�LQ�WRWDO�HPSOR\PHQW�†�&RPSDULVRQ�EHWZHHQ�WKH�FKHPLFDOV VHFWRUV�DQG�WKH�LQGXVWU\�HQHUJ\�VHFWRU����� Total 0 1-9 10-49 50-249 250+ Number of units* NACE 24 enterprises 31,5 37,0 19,6 8,0 3,9 35,7 ...

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(1) Total production is expressed in ECU million. 6RXUFH� OECD. Shares of establishments, employment and production (1) breakdowned by size class for manufacturing industry in Japan Japan 1995 This is the third Statistics in Focus on SMEs. It focuses on a comparison between

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(in Wackersdorf), but after the project had been shelved, a number of SMEs and subsidiaries of large firms moved in. In the central part of Upper Palatinate, electrical and precision engineering and optics are par­ ticularly prominent, though there is also some mechanical engineering ...