Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2009-S-33-047541, published on 18-Feb-2009

-Luxembourg: development of a taxonomy for accounting and statistical data based on general International Accounting Standards (IAS)/International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and on IFRS for small and medium sized entities (SMEs) 2009/S 33-047541 Contract award notice Services Section

Call for tenders and grants , Product code: LISTE_MARCH, published on 27-Mar-2006

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Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2006-S-111-118195, published on 15-Jun-2006

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Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2009-PN, published on 25-Mar-2009

into account; activities of the user group facilitated; improved ERETES web site. Statistical Governance and Quality Mid-term evaluation of the Community Statistical Programme 2008-2012 Analysis of programme implementation with a focus on recommendations for the 2nd half of the programme and the next multi-annual programme and of the competitive effects on SMEs brought about by the proposed cuts in the administrative burden

Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2007-S-106-129995, published on 07-Jun-2007

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Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2005-59-056363, published on 14-Apr-2005

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Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2005-S-118-116051, published on 21-Jun-2005

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Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2012-S-203-333064, published on 24-Oct-2012

: Patent statistics — patenting by SMEs V.1) Date of contract award decision: 11.11.2011 V.2) Information about offers Number of offers received: 2 V.3) Name and address of economic operator in favour of whom the contract award decision has been taken Sogeti Luxembourg SA 36, route de Long...

Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2005-S-110-109126, published on 14-Jun-2005

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