Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-024, published on 05-Oct-2006

This publication summarises the role of smaller and medium-sized enterprises in the European economy. The importance of SMEs in terms of number of enterprises, value-added and employment in different activities are shown. Included are also analyses of differences in apparent labour productivity

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-021, published on 01-Sep-2006

between 1995 and 2005 ............................................ 4 SMEs more important than in manufacturing ........................... 5 Energy costs account for six percent of the operating costs .. 5 Imports grew twice as fast as exports between 1999 and 2005

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-015, published on 21-Apr-2006

.............. 4 Exports generated up to 28 % of computer services turnover ................ 5 SMEs more focused on home market than exports ......................................... 6 Provision and export of z I a p f t t G N I t 2 s t s B M 2 ...

Call for tenders and grants , Product code: LISTE_MARCH, published on 27-Mar-2006

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Call for tenders and grants , Product code: 2006-S-111-118195, published on 15-Jun-2006

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Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-011, published on 30-Mar-2006

business statistics. This publication describes the structure and development of this sector based on the latest available statistical information from a variety of official sources. It presents a range of indicators such as: turnover, employment, country specialisation; cost structure; productivity and profitability, importance of SMEs, car registrations etc.

News releases , Product code: 4-05102006-AP, published on 05-Oct-2006

(NFBE)1 in 2005, with 19% of men self-employed, compared with 11% of women. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which employ less than 250 people, are the backbone of the EU's NFBE, as they represented 99.8% of EU25 NFBE enterprises in 2003 and employed about two thirds of the wo...

Eurostat News , Product code: LN-112006, published on 21-Dec-2006

2000. For the latest figures and the methodology, visit http://www.cesifo-,34761&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL KfW-Ifo SME barometer The Ifo Institute has developed a monthly business climate index for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in co-op...

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-023, published on 26-Sep-2006

This publication summarises the main features of the EU manufacturing industry and its component activities. It includes an analysis of country and regional specialisation, differences in the evolution of production, exports and imports, top products sold, the cost structure, productivity and profitability, as well as the role of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-013, published on 19-Apr-2006

planning and creation to placement of the advertisement in the media. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with between 1 and 249 persons employed generated the overwhelming majority of the turnover in nine of the 11 countries for which data were available, with shares ranging ...

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-012, published on 06-Apr-2006

-sized enterprises (SMEs) and households. - Iceland and the Netherlands have the highest internet access rates for households, with Finland the highest rate for enterprises. - Household broadband connections are most widespread in Belgium and Estonia. - In the new Member States, the p...