Statistics in Focus , Product code: CA-NP-99-027, published on 21-Jul-1999

manufacturing sectors. Recently- industrialised countries such as Ireland have developed through relocations, which leave little room for micro-enterprises. And the German 0LWWHOVWDQG model, based on medium-to-large sized SMEs, tends to depress the relative weight of micro-enterprises. Amongst the micro

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to E B, DK, E, FIN, S, UK: 1995 Source: Eurostat - SME database In % ,PSRUWDQFH�RI�60(V�LQ�WRWDO�HPSOR\PHQW�†�&RPSDULVRQ�EHWZHHQ�WKH�FKHPLFDOV VHFWRUV�DQG�WKH�LQGXVWU\�HQHUJ\�VHFWRU����� Total 0 1-9 10-49 50-249 250+ Number of units* NACE 24 enterprises 31,5 37,0 19,6 8,0 3,9 35,7 ...

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(1) Total production is expressed in ECU million. 6RXUFH� OECD. Shares of establishments, employment and production (1) breakdowned by size class for manufacturing industry in Japan Japan 1995 This is the third Statistics in Focus on SMEs. It focuses on a comparison between

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Following on from the first edition of SMEs in Europe that covered innovation, competitiveness and the knowledge-driven society, this second issue presents information on SMEs in candidate countries. In the run-up to the accession of the new Member States, "SMEs in Europe - candidate countries

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Statistics in focus INDUSTRY, TRADE AND SERVICES THEME 4 – 5/2004 Contents What are SMEs?........................ 1 Main indicators.......................... 1 Number of enterprises, turnover, value added and employment ....................... 3 Gross investment and per...

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, performance and conduct of SMEs in Europe; provides detailed information and a reality-based understanding for needs and evolutions of European enterprises; gives a clear picture of the needs and opportunities of SMEs in Europe. SMEs in Europe is of particular interest to active economic actors but also to anyone wanting to understand and take part in future economic developments.

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\�$XURUD�2UWHJD�6iQFKH] 0DLQ�UHVXOWV • Higher density of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the southern regions of the European Union; • Large enterprises are mainly located in the central regions of Europe; • Relative low employment rate in regions with low density of large en...

Statistics in Focus , Product code: KS-NP-06-024, published on 05-Oct-2006

This publication summarises the role of smaller and medium-sized enterprises in the European economy. The importance of SMEs in terms of number of enterprises, value-added and employment in different activities are shown. Included are also analyses of differences in apparent labour productivity

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Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs – up to 249 persons employed) are considered as a driver of the economy of the European Union (EU), creating jobs and contributing to economic growth.

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aggregates and all aggregates in thousands. 6RXUFH� Eurostat — SME database. EU-15 (%) EUR-11 (%) � 6WDWLVWLFV�LQ�IRFXV — Theme 4 — 11/2000 ————————————————————————— A The picture of the European economy in terms of jobs confirms these observations only in part. ‘Industry and energy’ ...

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and Spain well above EU averages with regard to the share of Horeca in the economy .3 Positive evolution in the EU between 1993 and 1996..............3 SMEs with 1-9 employees are dominant ...............................4 )RFXV�RQ�KRWHOV�������������������������� Fewer hotels, more bed places ...