Statistical books/Pocketbooks , Product code: KS-53-03-403, published on 14-Jul-2003

1999 2000 2001 Severo•eská energetika a.s. (SCE) 16.7 St•edo•eská energetika a.s. (STE) 14.1 Západo•eská energetika a.s. (ZCE) 13.0 Východo•eská energetika a.s. (VCE) 11.7 Jihomoravská energetika a.s. (JME) 11.5 Jiho•eská energetika a.s. (JCE) 9.5 Severomoravská energetika a.s. (SME) 7.8 Pražská

Statistical books/Pocketbooks , Product code: KS-55-03-471, published on 16-Dec-2003

garden and parks, street sweepings and market waste v) Assumes that all fractions recovered (see line D3) are generated by households and not by retails and SMEs. It is impossible to breakdown fractions collected separately for recovery operations for what is brought to recycling centres or collect...